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Alifra operates in Africa’s challenging commercial climate by leaning on its years of experience and depth of knowledge to secure and supply critical raw materials for businesses across the continent.

Alifra’s skills and assets can be applied to create unique end-to-end solutions for our clients and partners.

From finance to supply chain and logistics, all the way through to processing production - Alifra can supply bulk, bagged or branded products. This versatility means that there are always commercial opportunities available.

How We Operate

The African market is one that is traditionally difficult to operate in. The complexities of the market, coupled with a general sense of uncertainty surrounding trading on this continent, has made many businesses reluctant to take advantage of opportunities and the chance to prosper in these areas is often missed. We can provide the insights into doing business in this complex environment.

To successfully operate in this climate, Alifra capitalises on the 30 years of experience as well as the skills and the expertise of a strong, trustworthy and knowledgeable team.

On the whole, we are able to bridge the gap between overseas markets, first-world suppliers and the African continent by leveraging our skills and reputation.

Homeground Advantage

Alifra understands what it takes to do business in Africa. The passage for time has yielded many lessons and given insight into the ambiguities of international trade.

Alifra’s experience gives its clients a unique homeground advantage when trading in Africa.

The accumulated knowledge has provided a unique understanding of the commercial landscape.