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At ALIFRA we offer clients, skilled and experienced commodity trading services. Based in Mauritius we source and supply a variety of commodities namely grains and pulses, salt, dairy products and fast moving consumer (fmcg) goods.  Using our considerable experience and expertise, ALIFRA  offers competitive pricing as a result of our capacity to purchase in bulk and pass on the benefit to our customers.   ALIFRA has an extensive supplier network around the globe which enables us to supply product at highly competitive prices. Our main area of focus is into Southern and Central Africa. Our specialist knowledge of the region facilitates an efficient supply chain and minimises delays in delivery.


We’re committed to providing quality and value in all the commodities we supply. Our first priority is to listen to our customers requirements and from there source the exact commodity or product required according to specification and budget. From bulk grain shipments to containers of tinned Pilchards with our knowledge and global network comes our guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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Grains & Pulses

Alifra are experienced traders in a broad range of grains and pulses.

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ALIFRA is able to supply refined and packaged salt for fmcg distributors, wholesalers and retailers in the region, as well as Botswana coarse salt to Malawi and Mozambique. We can also supply product branded to customers own specific brands. In addition ALIFRA offers specialist bagging services for customers wanting to bag bulk product into bags that range from 250g to 50kg bags.

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We offer a comprehensive range of industrial milk products - Skim Milk Powder, Full Cream Milk Powder, Whey powder and derivatives, Buttermilk Powder, Butter/Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF), Cheese, Casein/Caseinates/Lactose. Additionally, we source a variety of longlife products in retail packaging (UHT drinking milk, sweetened/evaporated milk, etc). We can also supply certain retail products in customer’s own private label.

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FMCG Goods

From our network of manufacturers worldwide we will source, supply and deliver fmcg items. These may be branded and packaged according to customer specification.


Our experience and understanding of freight handling and logistics in the region enables us to ensure timely shipment and delivery. Our services are optimised to provide a smooth passage taking care of the transport itself by road, rail and sea as well as expediting customs clearing, forwarding and documentation, right through to warehousing, distribution and delivery. Procedures are often complex and time consuming and require expert handling.import red round grungy stamp isolated on white background


Office Suite 204, 2nd Floor, Office Block C, La Croisette, Grand Baie 30517, Mauritius Phone: (230) 269-4166 / (230) 269-4183 Fax: (230) 269-7438

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